Why 2018 is the perfect time to revisit San Antonio - Texas Highways | SAN ANTONIO XYZ | Scoop.it
May 1, 1718: It’s the moment in San Antonio’s long, convoluted history the city points to as its founding. It’s also the focal point of this year’s San Antonio Tricentennial celebration, a 12-month spotlight on the details that make this vibrant city so special to so many. Today, millions of tourists head to San Antonio to see the Alamo up-close before they discover the city’s present-day charm: the way the River Walk sparkles at dusk every December with hundreds of twinkling holiday luminarias, the way colorful papel picado decorates nearly every corner of Market Square, the way conjunto music effortlessly fuses the accordion and bajo sexto guitar in dance halls across town, the way a flash-fried puffy taco creates an intoxicating aroma out of fresh masa. The city’s modern-day story is only just beginning, but the same could have been said 300 years ago. The story, of course, begins much earlier than that.