New study ranks San Antonio 3rd-most 'sinful' city in Texas | SAN ANTONIO XYZ |
Look out, Las Vegas, some Texas cities are coming for the title of 'Sin City.' In a new study conducted by WalletHub, San Antonio ranked 28th on their list of 'Most Sinful Cities', a distinction based on vices broken down into seven different categories. Las Vegas topped the list, followed by Los Angeles, New York, Houston then St. Louis. Dallas just missed the top 10, clocking in at 13th. In Texas, San Antonio came in third, behind Dallas, but ahead of Austin, which claimed the 40th spot. The vices were broken down into the following categories: anger and hatred — includes violent crime, deaths due to firearms or bullying jealousy — includes theft, identity theft and fraud excesses and vices — includes obesity rates, excessive drinking and smoking greed — includes casinos, percent of charitable donations and gambling disorders lust — includes adult entertainment, active Tinder users and teen birth rate vanity — includes beauty and tanning salons and 'plastic surgery' Google searches laziness — includes exercise rates, time watching TV and high school dropout rates San Antonio scored particularly "highly" in Lust (10th) and Vanity (19th), but was weighed down in the rankings by scoring 110th among the cities with high levels of "Anger and Hatred." The cities with similar scores as the Alamo City included San Francisco; Charleston, WV; Gulfport, MS and Columbia, SC. Of the 182 cities included in the study, many in Texas were in the "bottom half," indicating that they are more virtuous than average. In particular, Plano (167th), Brownsville (161st) and Corpus Christi (114th) have some catching up to do when it comes to vices. For the full list, click here.